Saturday, September 29, 2007

BJJ Team come back with medals

Neil Wins GOLD!
Krystoff has won SILVER.
Antoine has won SILVER.
another day euan.
Big heads up to Stevie headlock, Big Ben the legend and Siva for their great support!
They beat teams coached by Rick Young and Roberto Atalla.

Im proud of you!

Chris Moir Wins Again!

Chris won his second thai fight, his opponent not coming out at the beginning of the 4th.
Scott Sales didnt get the result but well done in stepping up.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Two fighters in Dog Bros

Dog Brothers Martial Arts Seminar

September 29, 2007
"Dog Brothers Gathering of the Pack"

Location: Stettlen (Bern), Switzerland

Registration: if you have interest to fight you have to preregister until 14.September. If you need more informations please contact:

Registered Fighters:

Benjamin "Lonely Dog" Rittiner (Switzerland)
Oli "C-Gost Dog" Schaer (Switzerland)
Graeme "C-Scotty Dog" Higgins (Scotland)
"Dog" Stefan Konstanjevec (Germany)
Oskar Bernal Ibanez (Spain)
Jiri Söderblom (Sweden)
Emin Sabovic (Sweden)
Lukas Friedli (Switzerland)
Marlon Höss-Böttger (Switzerland)
Dominic Ischer (Switzerland)
Roberto Cereda (Italy)
Christian Eckert (Germany)
Peter Fray (Germany)
Chris Smith (Germany)
Andreas Hommel (Germany)
Jochen Giese (Germany)
Thomas Rickert (Germany)
Torben Lorenian (Germany)
Ray Wilson (Scotland)
James Mc Donald (UK)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Phraya Pichai Grades

Leigh Richardson 8th Khan
Peter Richardson 8th Khan
Heather Kerr 6th Khan
Rituka Sharma 4th Khan
Pavel Hanko 3rd Khan
Luanne Mack 3rd Khan
Charles Ogboke 3rd Khan
Jon Cameron 2nd Khan
John MacKenzie 2nd Khan
Aleksander Strzalkowski 2nd Khan
Ben Catterill 1st Khan

Monday, June 11, 2007

Daniel Lonero Workshop

Its going to be a great one!

Friday, June 08, 2007

For Polish students

Witam! Nazywam sie Krzysiek i od roku mieszkam w Aberdeen. Od zawsze
interesowalem sie sztukami walki, w Polsce uprawialem najpierw taekwondo
a potem zapasy. Trenuje w AMAGu od pol roku MMA,jest to w wolnym
tlumaczeniu polaczenie najlepszych elementow z roznych sztuk i sportow
walki. Chcialbym polecic te szkole wszystkim. Poczatkujacy moga tu
znalezc zajecia(np. Phase 1 czy Kali) dzieki ktorym naucza sie nie tylko
podstaw sztuk walki ale takze nabiora pewnosci w sytuacjach realnego
zagrozenia np. na ulicy. Osoby bardziej zaawansowane znajda tu game
zajec,od zapasow po tajski boks, ktore pozwola na doskonalenie swoich
umiejetnosci. Istnieje rowniez mozliwosc uczestnictwa w roznego typu
zawodach w brazylijskim jujitsu, mauy thai czy dla najlepszych walki 'w
klatce'. W klubie panuje prawdziwie rodzinna atmosfera. W razie
jakichkolwiek pytan prosze kontaktowac sie bezposrednio z AMAGiem lub
pisac do mnie na
Do zobaczenia wkrotce na zajeciach!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Class changes

6 - 7.15pm BJJ Advanced
6 - 7pm JKD TEEN
7pm PHASE 1
8pm THAI BOXING (All levels)

7.15pm BJJ beginner
8.15pm Combat Submission Wrestling

Jun Fan Kickboxing
Filipino Martial Arts

11am JKD Teens
11am Little Dragons
12 noon FMA/Phase1&2 (all in one class)
12 noon Judo

more changes will filter through as the week goes on
changes do disrupt but can also energise. Those who cant make the new Tuesday THAI time should utilise the Monday class which is open to all and will be incorporating the punch bags as well.
We make these changes in view of our resources and also class numbers. A couple of other classes are being looked at including Maphilindo Silat and a trapping class.
The changes will start next MONDAY.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Busy Time

Well its been a wee bit busy so i haven't kept you up to date.
McFann was superb as usual and the subsequent UFA camp saw us exposed to Krabi Krabong!
We have had Bill McGrath fly by, head of Pekiti Tirsia International. What a great seminar and well attended. If things work out right, i will be the PTI UK Director, organising Tuhon McGraths future UK trips.
Then we had Rey Diogo, BJJ 4th degree black belt come and teach in another amazing seminar!
Bob Spour is up next with a Self Protection workshop and Thai session on the Friday 18th/19th respectively.
July 7th sees Daniel Loreno pop by. Daniel trains with Guro Inosanto and teaches at the Inosanto Academy. He'll be covering Maphilindo Silat!

Meanwhile it was great to see Peter receive his brown belt in BJJ from Roberto Atalla, a well earnt achievemnt that is a credit to the club.

Finally, WELL DONE to Chris Moir on his recent Thai fight victory. His first one where he dominated and won by unanimous decision!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Friday, February 09, 2007

Inosanto Legacy

February 7, 1967 to February 7, 2007
Sifu Dan Inosanto
Head Instructor of the Jun Fan Gung Fu Institute to the IAMA Founder / Head Instructor

Yet when they write their rewritten history they often fail to mention that many of those who claim to have been trained by Lee were in fact taught by Inosanto and certified by Inosanto.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Gavin wins in Thailand!

Gavin Hedges wins his first fight in Thailand:
I am pleased to say that my fight ended in a first round Knock out
saving me having to try and fight for 5 rounds , It started with a
lovely superman punch and ended with a switch left knee , and
thankfully it was me who won . cant say the guy was a good fighter but
hell a wins a win . i fight again on the 12th .

a big thankyou must go to you Pat for all your help and the work you
put into your students , cheers .