Thursday, April 30, 2009

Setting the Balance by Leigh Richardson

Setting the Balance

We've heard Bob Spour say it and more recently we've heard Rey Diogo mention it and in the past I've heard Ian Guthrie (Peter's old Judo coach) and our very own Pat say it too. What am I talking about? Attribute training of course - or more commonly known as running, weights, Combat Athletics.....

Attribute training is great for the martial artist, it helps them develop further in their chosen system(s) and allows them to compete or perform better. Running for instance is a probably one of the best and quickest ways to get fit. Develop an awesome cardio system and build our endurance. Weights can help too. They can help us first of all get stronger but also gain weight, in a good way rather than the route paved with pies and pizzas!! Also there is Combat Athletics which is a class that has exercises designed to supplement your martial arts training.

However, therein lies the clue. It is supplementary training and should not be mistaken for training in the arts/systems you hope to improve in or compete in. This is a problem though, because what happens to a lot of people is, they start to put more effort into their running or weights training than their martial arts that they are hoping to improve in.

Put it like this, if I were to be given a choice of doing a run or training in say Pat's Jun Fan class, I would train in the Jun Fan class in an instant. I wouldn't even have to think about it. The benefits of that class alone will help me develop my punching, kicking and trapping skills along with other attributes like footwork, balance and head movement. As far as my fitness and strength go, I can hit the pads hard and fast and very quickly be on the way to improving my cardio and strength. But there is one important difference I will become fighting fit, Jun Fan Gung Fu fit rather than being a great runner - which I'm not really interested in becoming.

This short article maybe very obvious to some but I have seen people fall into this trap on a number of occasions and they can't seem to understand why they have good running times but still perform poorly on the mat or on the pads.

The bottom line is, if you want to get fit at doing Muay Thai, Jun Fan Gung Fu or BJJ then train hard in the art firstly and if you have any time left train in your supplementary systems.

I hope this helps to point out one of the many martial arts pitfalls.


Leigh Richardson is a Full Instructor and 2nd degree black belt at AMAG.

Niven takes on America!

currently training at Greg Nelsons school whilst on a gap year, ewen steps into the cage!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Scott steps up

Friday Fight Night **15th May Kirkintilloch**
Starts 8pm
'Friday Fight Night' at The Waterside Club, Kirkintilloch.

Tickets: there will be some tickets available directly from fighters! See Chris Moir

Matches confirmed so far are:

Mani Singh (KKBA) v Michael McGeochan (Annan Dragons)
5 x 1.5 mins @ 64kg's

Ricky Jackson (KKBA) v Joe McCabe (SMTC Sprinburn)
5 x 1.5 mins @ 69kg's

Crawford Hercus (KKBA) v Scott Fraser (AMAG)
5 x 1.5 mins @ 88kg's

Stuart McCrackle (KKBA) v John Ferguson (SMTC Springburn)
5 x 1.5 mins @ 70kg's

Ritchie Carrigan (KKBA) v Steve Barbieri (Carlisle MT)
5 x 1.5 mins @ 66kg's

Stuart Pitner (KKBA) v Simon Fraser (SMTC Airdrie)
5 x 1.5 mins @ 63kg's

Lindsay Stirling (KKBA) v Linda Morgan (Wossobama Ayr)
5 x 1.5 mins @ 67kg's

Brian Tottie (Caledonian MT) v Daniel Rigby (Aberdeen MT)
5 x 1.5 mins @ 70 kg's

Still looking to match

B Class
Keith Middleton 75/77kg's
29 yr old
Exp: 8 fights (6 wins)

C Class
Mescho Donko 72/74kg's
32 yr old
Exp: 4 fights (2 wins)

Gary O'Brien 95+kg's
31 yr old
Exp: 3 fights (1 win)

Gary McKinlay 58/60kg's
25 yr old
Exp: 0 fights

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Stick Play

Bob Spour is teaching on Sunday at 11am. £10 for members - Thai boxing. Bob is in Scotland teaching the USP course in Glasgow, details of which are on the USP section of the website.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Technique of The Week: Fundamental Jun Fan Kickboxing

Technique of The Week starts with this Fundamental Jun Fan Kickboxing drill required to go past the Phase 1 stage.

Look at this drill in three stages.

The Prefix is an entry and in this case we are using a kick to move from kicking range into punching range. The three kicks shown here are O'ou Tek, Jit Tek and Juk Tek.

Then in the middle we have the punches and the selection of the combination used are historical and considered suitable for learning in the best way, but later on can be changed to alternative choices. Ray here shows how good body mechanic and technique can generate power, so try not to hit hard as that will come in time. Concentrate on the flow.

The suffix moves back to the kicks with the padholder stepping back and out of punching range, back into kicking range. There are plenty of kicks to use but we are focusing on a default drill here. If the padholder doesn't step back then we could move into standing grappling range.

So work the drill and learn to flow between the two ranges in the three sections seamlessly. Repeat good technique and DO NOT substitute technique for power. Power will come in it's own time.

Copyright AMAG

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rey Diogo

This seminar is sold out

Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter weekend

Phase 1 and Open Mat survive the weekend cull. With Instructors away on courses and Chris Moir fighting, we'll take a bit of a break this weekend.

Enjoy the eggs and we'll see you Monday onwards to work off the excess!

Sunday, April 05, 2009


3 amigos & kettlebells class

new banner in background

Wednesday, April 01, 2009


XTS feng shui

We have organised a feng shui "expert" to realign the energy fields at the gym this afternoon.

We feel this will improve the technique of all the students.

Please be aware that when you turn up tonight that there may be some changes and take extra caution so that you dont hurt yourself.