Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Best Wishes for 2009

Happy New Year
Lets make it a year which you surpass all expectations! You can do it!

Dave's mma reel is below. He started at Amag about 10 years ago with NO prior training and ACHIEVED! He could do - YOU CAN DO!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Instructorship promotions

It is with GREAT pleasure that I award the following people the qualifications that they have earned!

Full Instructors

* Leigh Richardson- Black Belt 2nd Dan
* Peter Richardson - Black Belt 2nd Dan
* James MacDonald- Black Belt 1st Dan

Associate Instructors

* Ray Wilson - Brown Belt
* Caz Ewan - Brown Belt
* Ross Turner- Brown Belt
* Bill Mutch- Brown Belt

Apprentice Instructors

* Heather Kerr - Purple Belt

Full Instructor in Muay Thai

* Mathew Russell - Red And Silver Arm Band

In the case of Leigh and Peter they have trained for a lot longer than anyone else through times when there was never any thought on gradings or qualifications. This extra time is represented in the 2nd Dan Black Belt qualification. Not only do they exemplify the quality AMAG can produce, they also seek to develop in their own pursuits.

James had trained for 10 year on a consistent basis and whilst he is moving on has exemplified the attributes that the AMAG training brings. He is also an excellent teacher and will be missed.

Ray, Caz, Ross and Bill have all trained for a long period of time and again are great examples of what you can achieve. All 4 will be taking their UFA tests this year.

We welcome Heather onto the Apprentice programme and I'm sure she will continue to develop in the same way the others have done so.

Matt has trained with me for around 15 years and while he has now a competency in grappling, his love for Muay Thai has been a great asst to AMAG. This qualification is the highest accolade i can give.

I hope you all will take the time to congratulate the above when you see them. They should be your role models and i hope your names will join them on the list in the future.

Monday, December 22, 2008



Tuesday 23rd JKD X train 6.15pm, Phase1 7.15pm

Wed 24th Thurs 25th Fri 26th CLOSED

Sat 27th Kettlebells 11.30am, Kickboxing (all levels) 12.15pm, Open Mat grappling 13.15pm

Sun 28th SuperSantaStickSunday 5pm

Mon 29th BJJ Open Mat 6.15pm, Thai 7.15pm

Tues 30th JKD X train 6.15pm, Phase1 7.15pm

Wed 31st through to Sun 4th - CLOSED

Reopen on Monday 5th Jan to 2009 Timetable.


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

New Womens training tops

New Vests for women are in stock

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Phase 1 testing

Next Tuesday December 16th at 7.15pm
Anyone wanting to test will need to be endorsed by Ray Wilson.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Erik Paulson

Non AMAG members can now book their place on the seminar from today.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Lanark Results

Semi Pro Rules 86kg
Steven Peebles (Griphouse/DNFT) Vs. Bartoz (AMAG)
Steven "Bam Bam" Peebles wins by triangle choke rd 1. Bart took on the experienced Bam bam and nearly had him with a guillotine in the first minute, but Bam Bams hand got caught in the buckle on the ropes and the ref stopped the attack. Again Bart attacked the neck and punished Bam Bam with ferocious punches. However, inexperience allowed the more experienced fighter to win by a superbly executed triangle. A big thanks to Steven for stepping in late and well done Bart.

Semi Pro Rules 70kg
Billy Quinn (Dumbarton MMA) Vs. Arak Zienkiewicz (AMAG)
Majority Draw: Well the crowd booed this decision feeling that Arak had dominated the second round so conclusively and the surprise on both corners faces said it all. Billy came out strong and overpowered Arak with striking and it went to the ground with Billy controlling. Arak regained a good position and dominated the fight despite some good leg attacks from Quinn.

B-Class Thai 5x2 Min Rounds
Scott Gallagher |(Dumbarton MMA/DNFT) Vs. Chris Moir (AMAG)
Scott Gallagher wins by majority decision: Again the decision surprised us and if you looked at the two fighters afterwards Gallagher was concussed and bruised up where Chris didn't have a mark. Gallagher did utilise knees well and both fighters were equal on that with the judges swinging to Gallagher's ammount of kicks

Well done to all the fighters, you did well and i'm proud of you in what's been a difficult time. A great representation from the club to travel such a distance and a big thanks to the cornermen. Heads up to John and Gary who put on a great show.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Three fighters are now primed for the Sportfight Scotland show in Lanark at the weekend. Bart and Arak are fighting semi-pro MMA with Chris Moir fighting Class B Thai.

All fighters have been good in training and each has developed since their last fight significantly.

Semi Pro Rules 86kg
Steven Peebles (Griphouse/DNFT)
Bart (AMAG)

Semi Pro Rules 70kg
Billy Quinn (Dumbarton MMA)
Arak Zienkiewicz (AMAG)

B-Class Thai 5x2 Min Rounds
Scott Gallagher |(Dumbarton MMA/DNFT)
Chris Moir (AMAG)

Sunday, November 02, 2008

TBA-UK New Instructor

Congratulations to Caz for becoming the first woman in europe to achieve her Instructorship under Ajarn Chai.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New T Shirts in Stock

New club Tees are in stock. By next month you will be stopped from training if not wearing an official T, these are a double sided print with XTS on the back.

There are also Gi's priced around £50 and gloves, shorts and shin pads etc.

Water Bottles are also available.

Marc McFann

Marc McFann (seen here with Ray "Kettlebell" Wilson) is in tonight to teach from 6.30pm. Its only £20 which is dirt cheap for someone of this quality.

Marc has been instrumental in the development of AMAG training since Pat first started training with him back in 94.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Purple Belt

Ewen Niven attained his Purple Belt on Monday 13th October.

Friday, October 10, 2008

UpComing Seminars

Wed 29th October 6.30pm Sifu Marc McFann MMA £20
Fri 21st November 6.30- 8.30pm Bob Spour Ultimate Self Protection £10 amag/ £15non
Sat 22nd November 2 - 5pm Bob Spour Muay Thai £25
Tues 9th December 6.30pm Erik Paulson £40

Ray Wilsons Kettlebells Blog

This years Dog Brothers gathering went well. I am disappointed only having fought once on the day, but after the fight I took a coughing reaction to all the deep freeze spray that the guys use for bruised muscles and bones. Coughing and gagging for an hour made my throat, chest and guts wrench up and while I was scraping up all the last enthusiasm I had, I decided it wasn`t worth doing one more just to end up properly injured, so I accepted it and called it a day for that event. Disappointment was somewhat distinguished the next day when I was formally accepted into the Tribe. Happy Dog, am I!! LOL
Moving on, the one fight I had I was very happy with. I was in shape and confident when stepped up (bricking-it before hand though!). Some stick smashing, into clinch, and finished on the ground, both of us stick less!

Already training for next gathering! (tail wagging! LOL)

In building up to this event I had a training schedule that I was happy with. Training at my MA club, AMAG, regular runs and regular KB training. KB`s involved a daily "stacking" routine and then a high burn session 3 times a week, which was great.
The last two weeks I trained the long cycle daily that Steve advised, in place of my 3 times a week burn. The long cycle was a great burn, and in a different sense from what I`d been doing, so a welcomed change. I challenged myself two of my last training days by doing it as a double KB drill. One word..... f&%ked!! LOL, brilliant!

This Sunday sees me taking my first workshop for the AMAG members! The following week I`m beginning the weekly class there, which I`m really looking forward too. Once I make timetable arrangements, I`ll be opening to the rest of Aberdeen!

Rannoch has been a great help last few weeks. Full of inspiration and very encouraging!
Pat, my instructor, is very supportive and also a huge inspiration.
I`ll keep in touch and inform everyone as I go. Thanks again for your help, advice and teaching - I`m very happy to be training under the IKFF and Kettlebells Scotland banners!

Kettlebells Aberdeen, here we go!
Wuff! ;-)

Monday, September 15, 2008


XTS is the new venue for the AMAG experience. Get down there!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Big Flit

I will be moving equipment out of the JML premises and taking it to storage
If anyone would like to help at any time it would be gratefully received.

After 11.30am, when we have finished with the celebratory end of gym class, we will start moving equipment, mats etc down to the car park. A van will be ferrying stuff to storage

Sunday: 12noon – 4pm
Lifting floorboards, taking apart some cupboards and taking to storage

Monday evening – 6pm onwards
Anything left will be taken to storage

I hope I will see you there!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Fighters return with mixed bag

Bartoz won his first mma fight with a decision. A good learning experience that will see him grow.
Chris lost a decision in the Fight of the Day.

Well done to both guys!

Friday, March 28, 2008

UFA Instructorship

Bill Mutch was awarded his UFA instructorship. Congratulations!
UFA Aberdeen:
Patrick Davies Associate 3
Leigh Richardson Apprentice 3
Peter Richardson Apprentice 3
Caz Ewan Apprentice 1
Bill Mutch Candidate
Ross Turner Candidate
Ray Wilson Candidate


After successful seminars with Marc McFann, Rodrigo Antunes and Dave Carnell, more are coming your way.
John Spezzano, Tuhon McGrath, Ajarn Bob Spour are all about to set foot in the Academy.

Suitable for ALL levels!

Fights in Aberdeen

Sunday May 4th

Inosanto Lineage

Leigh and Peter Richardson have both been welcomed onto the Inosanto International Instructors Association. Congratulations, your journey begins.