Monday, December 18, 2006

Dod Copland

Some of you may remember Dod when he was involved with AMAG. Others may have known him as a colourful charachter who busked with bagpipes in Union St.

Hes in a very bad way right now and anyone able to offer help should contact Pat Davies. Dont let the situation happen when you might have to say "i didnt know"

Thai Gradings

Kru Bob Spour tested people the other weekend and im pleased to announce that Steven Moreland, Mathew Russell, David Marlow and Ross Turner all passed their 10th Khan Red armband (like a black belt in other systems). The standard epitomises the quality of training at the AMAG. Well done!

1st Khan
Rod Robertson
David Tawse
Elaine Keith
James Gibb

2nd Khan:
Ewen Niven
Chris Kennedy
Paul McIntyre
Angela McBain
Trudi Giacomini
Stella Farmer
Kenny Stewart
Stewart Comrie
Andy Tait

3rd Khan:
Rituka Sharma
Mike Pratt
Scott Sales
Andrew Brown
Neil Cushnie
Lee McComskie
Alan Strachan
Claire Keane

4th Khan
Peter Steele
Corinne Ooms
Yannis Mavrommantis
Paul Smeaton

5th Khan:
Danny Reid
Craig Cameron
Chris Pilichos
Sean Dines
Heather Kerr
Ray Wilson

6th Khan

7th Khan
Chris Moir

9th Khan
Caz Ewan

10th Khan
Matt Russell
David Marlow
Ross Turner
Steven Moreland

Monday, December 11, 2006

Holiday Opening Times

SUNDAY 31 2pm BJJ Fighters session
TUESDAY 2 2pm BJJ Fighters session

Saturday, December 02, 2006


Sat 2nd: 7pm Festive party at the CloverLeaf
Sun 3rd: 12noon BIC
Friday 8th: Self Protection for Men 6.30
Saturday 9th:
12noon Judo; Teens
1.30pm - 4.30 Thai Grading
Sunday 10th: Ross and Ewen fighting

Self Protection For Men

Self Protection For Men as taught by Bob Spour

Don’t be a victim! Take control of your environment, take control of fear.

Friday 8th December 18.30 – 20.30

Cost: £20. Come with a friend and get a discount! 2 people for £30!!

This course is open to women as well as men. Separate Women Self protection Courses will be available in January and February.

Wear comfortable clothing.

Call Pat Davies on 07710401111 for further details. Please on pass this mail to men who you feel may appreciate it!

Bob Spour

Director and founder of SAS Survival, Bob has served extensively in the military spending many years with the SAS. During the course of serving with the latter he saw action in number of different theatres.

Bob is a highly qualified and well respected Martial Arts Instructor spending many years instructing Self Protection and Thai Boxing, and is the Chief Instructor to the Phraya Pichai Muay Thai Camps International.

A Licenced NLP Trainer with The Society of NLP , a member of the Association of Professional Hypnotherapists & Psychotherapists and the Professional Organisation of Stage Hypnosis; Bob has extensive experience working with individuals and groups in a variety of settings as diverse as sales, military training, drama workshops, and the comedy circuit in London. He also works with individual clients over a wide range of personal and professional development issues. He recently appeared on a Channel 4 programme demonstrating some of the techniques of NLP in the context of fear management.

Holding a degree in Drama and Theatre Arts Bob also worked as a professional actor and stand up comedian.

He is also a Survival Instructor, Corporate Trainer, Writer and NLP Trainer.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Fridays Class is on!

Fridays Combat Athletics is ON this Friday

No class THIS wed - see McFann post


The current timetable needs updating, this is it
6pm BJJ advanced 7.15pm CSW 8.15pm Kickboxing for Beginners
6pm Teen JKD 7pm Kali

6.15pm MMA 7.15pm BJJ for Beginners 8.15pm Thai Boxing for Beginners

6.15pm Jun Fan Gung Fu 7.15pm BJJ 8.15pm Muay Thai Boxing
5.15 Teen JKD 7.15pm Kickboxing for Beginners

6.15pm Judo 7.15pm Muay Thai Boxing 8.15pm CSW

6.30pm Combat Athletics (circuittrainingfightstylee)

12noon Kali Silat 1.30pm Teen JKD
1.30pm Judo

Explanations elsewhere on the website.

Monday, October 23, 2006

2 New Classes - Beginners

Thinking ofstarting? Cant wait forthe BIC?
Want to brush up on the fundementals?

MONDAY 8:15pm
Wednesday 7:15pm

Get started TODAY!

Sifu Marc McFann

This Wednesday sees the return of Sifu Marc McFann to Aberdeen Martial Arts Group’s Academy in Justice Mill Lane. Sifu McFann is a student of Sifu Dan Inosanto, the man that the late Bruce Lee left in charge of his system and teach on his behalf. McFanns qualifications see him not only as a Full Instructor under Inosanto in both the Jun Fan Gung Fu as well as the Filipino Martial Arts, but an Instructor in Mande Muda Silat (an Indonesian fighting art not designed for sport), Thai Boxing and Larry Hartsell’s (another former Bruce Lee student) Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do Grappling Association. Sifu McFann also has black belts in Judo (in which he competed in the USA Team), Kempo Karate and Hapkido.

Now residing in Arkansas where he runs the McFann Acadamy of Martial Arts, Marc regular teaches seminars through the US and in the UK where he lived in the 90’s. Founder and World co-ordinator of the Unified Fighting Arts (UFA) Sifu McFann will be teaching the seven ranges of combat and the seminar is suitable for ALL levels and ANY style.

The seminar starts at 6.30pm and will run for 3 hours and costs only £25. Private lessons are available throughout the afternoon although these are being filled fast. There will be an opportunity to grab a beer with Sifu after the seminar.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Return of THE McFann

Marc McFann is here on Wednesday teaching from 6:30pm. At 25 pounds its a great opportunity to train with this wonderful teacher. BOOK NOW!

There will therefore be NO classes on Wednesday due to the seminar!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


For anyone who missed the North Tonight segment it is on youtube.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Beginners Induction Course

THIS Sunday at 2pm
Details as below!

Wednesday's New Class

A NEW class specifically for BEGINNERS starts on Wednesday at 7:15pm!

Taught by Ray Wilson the class is for the complete beginner who wants to start training.


BIC Course THIS Sunday

BIC course is THIS sunday 2-4pm.
A general introduction to the arts taught at AMAG. 20 pounds which includes the club tee shirt (10pound)

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Jenna's Close Shave

Jenna Mack, a student at AMAG recently raised money for Breast Cancer Research!

Below her close shave can be seen and we warmly applaud her efforts.

Monday, September 18, 2006


A few changes for Mondays:
A Teenage class is now also on Mondays at 6pm!
Bjj now starts at 6pm and runs till 7.30pm.
Kali moves forward to 7 pm
CSW starts at 7.30pm

Theres new Evolution stock in and with the colder evenings on their way we have a good stock of sweat pants!

More news to follow!

Friday, August 25, 2006

The next Beginners Induction Course will be held on Sunday 3rd September at 12 noon. The 2 hour induction course costs £20 which includes a club tee sirt. The course will introduce you to the arts as taught at AMAG and give you the fundementals to start any class. Not only that but you get to meet like minded people so which ever class you decide to attend, you will already know someone!Go on! Shape your life!

Monday, July 31, 2006


a game of Skirmish is being arranged for AMAG at the end of August (27th).
Info is in the wall in the lounging area and names are needed on the sheet in reception for the end of this week so Ray Wilson can take the next step of arranging the deposits (that`ll be fun!!)


The next Beginners Induction Course will be held on Sunday 13th August at 12 noon. The 2 hour induction course costs £20 which includes a club tee sirt. The course will introduce you to the arts as taught at AMAG and give you the fundementals to start any class. Not only that but you get to meet like minded people so which ever class you decide to attend, you will already know someone!
Go on! Change your life!

New Blue Belts

Congratulations to the new BJJ Blue Belts who were Promoted by Roberto Atalla

Carolyn 'Caz' Ewan
David Hutcheon
Ross Turner
Matt Russell
Ben Randall
Ewen Nivan

Friday, July 07, 2006

Atalla Seminar

Roberto Atalla returns again. Dont miss out on some excellent tuition! 3 hours for ALL levels!

£30 in advance so BOOK NOW!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Party Time!

Saturday 15th starting 6:30pm. Meet at the Boogie Bar for pre binge drinx and pizza and other nibbles.
8pm move on for serious partying led by Corinne and Ray!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

BJJ White to Blue Workshop

This Saturday 8th July 1:30pm, there will be a BJJ workshop covering the curriculum requirements for ascending to blue belt. All white belts are invited to attend so that they can see the road ahead. This is a great opportunity to see what you must learn in order to go to the next belt, as quite often the multitude of techniques and drills in BJJ can be a little daunting. This workshop will let you see what needs your immediate attention.

Peter (our resident purple belt and one of a few in Scotland) will be running the workshop along with some of the blue belts who will be taking part and assisting.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Sunday BIC Workshop

This Sunday we are holding a 2 hour BIC workshop, so if you know anyone who has been tempted by the martial arts but has not had the courage to attend, this is the course for them.

The two hours will cover basic kickboxing and gives exposure to the other arts we teach at AMAG.

The course costs £20 but they get a t shirt worth £10 with that. You know they want to do it, encourage them!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Fight Report

While the major one was Turner (Dinky Ninjas) versus Dave Marlow, we also had Ross Turner prepared for his first MMA fight at semi –pro.

Ross was meant to be fighting Barry John Colquhoon from Nealston. We were informed that there was no contact with the fighter who had not shown up although there happened to be one of the judges ringside with exactly the same name apparently! So Ross agreed to demo with the enigmatic champion Paul McVeigh and the two put on a great show with the right attitude.

We knew there was a fight, there were now only 4 on the card, between us and the next one so we weren’t in that much of a rush, getting Dave ready in our sweet time. That is until we were told 1 minute to go!

Turner is the Scottish Welterweight Champion, so with the 4 man competition being cancelled, it was a good assumption that this would be a pro fight with the belt up on line. But that would mean that the fighters would be getting paid so we found out it was not a title shot and it was semi pro. In the rules meeting – where the referee was NOT present – both fighters agreed PRO rules but NO stomps to the head, which is plainly stupid to be allowed in the fast growing sport already under pressure from bad press.

The difference with the Pros rules was that we could strike with the fist to the face on the ground and knees to the head were allowed. You could strike the opponent on a different level as well ie standing punches to a prone opponent.

So the fight was on and Turner who weighed in a kilo heavier came out with his trademark blast with which he is extremely good. We know that he has to cut weight to get into the under 70 bracket so we also prepared to defend the onslaught and wait to clinch and take it down. Marlow wasn’t as sharp as usual after being offshore for the last 8 or 9 days and so got a pasting. He went down but fought his way back up before Turner knocked him down again and started to put in some big punches.

The quality of the cage netting was poor, it was rather loose and this certainly aided Marlow as he sagged back which saw some knockout blows scuff him where if the cage had been taught I doubt he would have woken up for a couple of days. Marlow covered up and looked for an escape from the impressive Turner.

The referee quickly jumped in and split the two fighters. I was furious as I could see that Marlow was still in the fight despite the impressive attack from Turner. As the ref jumped in Marlow had grabbed Turners leg to attempt a knee bar and this changed the Refs decision (he later admitted). However, the ref was also under the misconception that this was semi pro rules – a factor that would bear significance later – so he also broke the fighters up as the striking was on two levels rather than one.

The fight continued with the strong Turner trying to return to the striking where Marlow was clinging on clearing his head. Eventually the fighters went to the ground with a throw from Turner but Marlow reversed the position and stayed on top for the rest of the round and clinically returned the punishment. From this it would be fair to say that Turner has a jaw made of Granite as he took some serious punishment.

End of Round 1

Round 2 started again with the stand up flurry with two exhausted fighters exchanging kicks and punches till Marlow clinched and took it down to regain his dominant mount position and continue to punish Turner who had very little to respond with. Then the referee stood them up and the fight soon went back down with Marlow clinically picking his shots but the strong Turner not giving up. The ref then stood Marlow up to warn him – we think – because of the knees but after consultation he was advised by the judges and promoter that it was PRO rules and so the fight was restarted at the same position. This left a sour taste and took the sting out of a great fight between two of Scotlands best fighters at that weight.

The fight was called a draw because of the controversy and to us it didn’t matter anymore. Two fighters had performed to a level that was far beyond the expected and a show that was becoming a farce. By the end of the night there was no acrimony between the two camps and the two fighters got a written IOU for their purse which only made the whole event more laughable.

John Jamieson lost to Dean Robertson through a cut to the head and Doolan finished off his opponent ion the first minute with a knee to the head with the Lithuainan seeing it as a good way out and a quick purse.

Too many people were involved in preparing their fighters, fighting and raising the standard. The show and its organisation though did not deserve any of the above. A week to sell tickets and fighters not knowing who they are fighting till they turn up is pathetic.

However, some can hold their heads up high and that includes the fighters and the people who support their efforts

Big thanks to Siva and Steve for the invaluable help on the day.

Patrick Davies

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Fight Fight Fight

Dave and Ross are fighting in the cage at the Maryhill Community Halls on Saturday as from 7:30pm. Tickets cost £15 and are available from AMAG and probably on the door

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Class time changes for THIS Saturday ONLY

This Saturday will see a couple of changes to accomodate the seminar with Rey Diogo
The Judo class will run from 1-2pm
The Teen Machine class will also run from 1 - 2pm
This is JUST for this week only.

Ricardo 'Rey' Diogo Seminar

We will be hosting Rey Diogo on Saturday and Sunday 17th/18th of June.
Times are as follows:
Saturday 2pm
Sunday 1pm

See web site for further details.

AMAG News Blog

New Blog starts today!
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