Monday, January 04, 2010


Happy New Year!!

Monday Jan 4th restart with two classes, BJJ and Thai Boxing!

Please bear with us during the adverse weather conditions

2010 Timetable
Monday - 5.30pm JKD; 6.15 pm BJJ; 7.30pm Thai
6.30pm KALI (upstairs Space)
Tuesday - 6.15 pm JKD; 7.15pm CSW; 8.15pm Phase 1
Wednesday - 6.15 pm; Thai 7.15pm; Phase 1; 8.15pm JKD
7.15pm KALI (upstairs Space)
Thursday - 6.15 pm BJJ; 7.15pm CSW; 8.15pm Women's JKD kickboxing
Friday - 6.00pm Combat Athletics/Kettlebells
Saturday - 10.45am Silat; 12 noon Phase 1; 1pm BJJ